Michael Steele Gets Another Wakeup Call When His ‘Companion’ Tries to Whitesplain the ‘Token’ Black Comment


Previous Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele talked about the hostile remarks made by American Conservative Union (ACU) Communications Director Ian Walters at the Ronald Reagan Dinner at CPAC on Feb. 23. More or less, Walters said the RNC chose Steele, in the wake of Barack Obama’s presidential win, since he was Black.

Steele welcomed Michael Schlapp, administrator of the ACU, to his SiriusXM podcast “Steele and Ungar” to examine the remarks the next day. Schlapp promptly started apologizing for Walters’ remark which Steele acknowledged. Things rapidly got ugly, be that as it may, when Schlapp endeavored to defend Walters’ remarks.

“You have been in a path where you have been fairly condemning of a portion of the more preservationist parts of the Trump wonder.” He proceeded, “There could be truth to the way that a few people picked you as director since we continually do this in Republican circles about ‘Hello, here’s another face for the gathering’ and he feels that there are reactions of how you were administrator. Would you be able to acknowledge that that could be the place he’s coming at, not a racial?” Steele wasn’t having it. “What the heck does my race need to do with any of that? What does the shade of my skin need to do with anything you just said?

Schlapp kept on being disparaging of Steele for setting out to challenge the President’s approaches and other moderate perspectives. He went ahead to call Walters’ remarks “grievous.” Stelle let go back, “It was dumb, not tragic! Call it what it is.” He proceeded with “It is moronic to stay there and say we chose a Black man an administrator of the gathering and that was a slip-up. Do you know how that sounds to the Black people group? Do you know how that sounds to Americas? Do you know how they at that point liken that level of ineptitude to conservatism.”

Schlapp criticized Steele for not having beauty in his reaction to Walters remark. Steele was obviously shocked his “friend’s” response.

“I’ve taken poop you have no clue about, and I’ve conveyed this stuff,” Steele reacted. “Also, for him to remain on that stage and slander my support of this gathering, and for you as a companion to stay there and go, ‘Well, you’ve been incredulous of this gathering.’ There’s just a single word I can state, and I can’t state it on this air.”