Jane Seymour on Posing for Playboy at 67 and Her ‘Me Too’ Moment


“He was simply chilling, and terrifying, and I was frightened,” performing artist tells TheWrap of experience with maker

At age 67, “We should Get Physical” performer Jane Seymour has quite recently turned into a three-time Playboy show — however similarly as educational as the photographs is the story she imparted to the magazine around an experience with a handsy maker in the beginning of her profession.

In the meeting, Seymour met with the maker, who needed her to screen-test for a section, at his home. As per Seymour, the maker put his hand on her leg “in the wrong place” and was unwavering after she moved far from him on the love seat. After Seymour requesting that he call her a taxi, she stated, he disclosed to her that on the off chance that she at any point informed anybody concerning the experience, “I’ll promise you never work again anyplace on the planet.”

Addressing TheWrap on Thursday, Seymour reviewed, “He was simply chilling, and terrifying, and I was unnerved.”

Seymour revealed to TheWrap that she later experienced the maker at the same house,”at a major capacity where there were many individuals.”

“What’s more, he came up to me and stated, ‘Don’t I know you from some place?’ And I took a gander at him and I stated, ‘Well, in the event that you don’t recollect then clearly not,'” Seymour included.

The performing artist noticed that she never faced the maker about the experience

“No. I picked not to. What I understood was that I was only one of thousands,” Seymour said. “That was not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind for him, it was typical. That is the reason he wouldn’t recollect me from any other individual. He enigmatically did, however he didn’t generally.”

Seymour said she would come to discover that the maker — who she portrayed as “the most effective person in the business” — had an “amazing notoriety for this. He was popular for this — celebrated.”

Seymour has a part in The Weinstein Company’s presently in-limbo film “The War With Grandpa.” Given the various allegations of sexual unfortunate behavior against Harvey Weinstein, TheWrap inquired as to whether she laments taking the part.

“I never observed him. I didn’t really work for him,” Seymour said. “It was another maker, Marvin [Peart] who was the genuine maker. What’s more, how might you lament working with Robert De Niro? Hard. What’s more, Christopher Walken and Cheech Marin and Uma [Thurman]. Thus, no, I was exceptionally glad to do the venture. I’m extremely miserable that it has his name connected, on the grounds that at present it implies that many individuals won’t perceive what’s most likely an exceptionally pleasant film.”

“I have no Weinstein stories by any means, and I’ve met him on numerous events,” Seymour said. “Like I stated, I adapted right off the bat to dodge any circumstance or situation that would not be the way I would need to work in this industry.”

Concerning demonstrating for Playboy again at age 67, Seymour, who said she was dressed while beforehand showing up in the magazine’s pages, stated, “I’m excited with what they did. I feel that, once more, it goes to demonstrate that you don’t need to indicate anything to act naturally and to express arousing quality classily. I was exceptionally content with what they did.”

She included, “I should concede, strolling all through the solidifying frosty swimming pool was the greatest test of the day. In any case, we had a decent giggle about that one.”